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Gaudy Willow

Vintage, England, Gaudy Blue Willow, Square Tin Serving Tray 13.75in Square


Masons England Gaudy Blue Willow Tea Jar Tea Caddy


Vintage, England, Gaudy Blue Willow Large Tin Serving Tray 20.5in L x 15.25in W


Vintage, Rare, Empire Ware, England, Green Trim Gaudy Blue Willow, 5in Plate


Vintage, Royal Staffordshire, England,Variant Gaudy Blue Willow Cup and Saucer


Vintage, Burleigh Ware England Polychrome-Gaudy Blue Willow Dinner Plate 10.5in


Vintage, Paragon, England,Variant, Gaudy Blue Willow, Demitasse 2Cups n 2Saucers


Antique, Rare, Masons, English, Gaudy Blue Willow, Large 8.5in x 5in Flower Vase


Mason"s Gaudy Blue Willow Hand-Painted Plate


1914-1940 Noritake-Moriyama, Japan, Variant Gaudy Blue Willow 5-pc Cake Set


Vintage, Rare, Japan, Variant Gaudy Blue Willow 12-pc Tea Set, Condiments, Tray


French Variant Gaudy Blue Willow Polychrome Plate c.1890


Vintage, Rare, Carlton Ware, Variant Gaudy Blue Willow 7.25in x 5.75in x5in Vase


Vintage, Rare, Ridgway, England, Gaudy Blue Willow Trimmed Bowl 10in x 1.5in


Vintage, Crown Staffordshire, Polychrome, Gaudy Blue Willow 8pc Teas Set for 2


Vintage, Royal Winton Pekin, Variant Gaudy Blue Willow Cup, Saucer, Snack Trio


English Gaudy Blue Willow Sugar Shaker


Vintage England Gaudy Blue Willow Large Tin Serving Tray 20.5in L x 15.25in W(G)


Beautiful Antique, GH & Co. English, Gaudy Blue Willow Pitcher


Vintage 1920s, Moriyama Japan Variant Gaudy Blue Willow, 7in x 8in Biscuit Jar


Antique, Masons Patent Ironstone, Variant Gaudy-Blue Willow, 9in W Soup Bowl


Vintage, Rare, Coalport England, Polychrome, Gaudy Blue Willow 10pc Tea Set


1914-1940 Noritake-Moriyama, Japan, Variant Gaudy Blue Willow 6.2.5in Plate


Vintage, English Variant Gaudy-Blue Willow, 9in Sq. Serving Dessert Dish or Bowl


Vintage, Rare, Carlton Ware England, Gaudy Blue Willow Tea Jar, 7.5in T x 4in D


Vintage, Rare, England, Variant, Gaudy Blue Willow Cup and Breadplate (c)


Vintage, Rare, England,Variant, Gaudy Blue Willow Trio Cup, Saucer n Breadplate


Antique LS & Sons Hanley England Gaudy Blue Willow, 7inx5in Sq. Biscuit Jar (G)


Antique, Masons, England, Variant Gaudy Blue Willow, 8inx11in Lidded Bowl-Tureen


Vintage, England Green Gaudy-Blue Willow, 8.5in Square Serving Dessert Plate


Antique, Ridgway, Large, Gaudy Flow Blue Willow, 9in x 13.5in x 8in Soup Tureen